Monday, January 21, 2013



So who is the Biggest Loser, is it the Falcons, the Patriots, what about Tim Tebow (see Ray Lewis referencing God w/ lil Criticism), what about Dwight Howard?
All those don't really matter to me. The BIGGEST LOSER will be whoever is unprepared to step on the stage their next contest. The BIGGEST LOSER will be the person who does not better his or herself from contest to contest. The BIGGEST LOSER will always be the HATERS!!! The BIGGEST LOSER  will be those who do not give MAX EFFORT to Meet their DESIRES.


Meanwhile on to other HATERS

Jillian Michael's Haters - Biggest Loser will be on TV tonight and many people will say how she is the meanest person in the world and how disrespectful she is to these "contestants".
    1. Well guess what, it is a contest, so all the "contestants" are subject to being treated in ways we may not agree with, so get over it!
    2. Second, these people on this show did not wake up 1 day and say DAMN I am obese and I have 0 problems in the world let me try this show out. No! Truth of the matter is many of them have problems beyond the average person's understanding.  Many have tried multiple fad diets with minimal success. Many have tried fad exercise routines with minimal success. Many do not have a clear cut support team. Many of you have friends in the same situations and if you pity them and cater to the excuses you are a just as much at fault thus BIGGEST LOSER!!!
   3. Most, if not all, have had a Personal Trainer who catered to the individual and their excuses thus providing a circle of death for their clients. CLARITY - it is about the bottom $$$$ not providing a basis for the client to move on their own!!! A trainer is supposed to be a wealth of knowledge and a rock for their client. A trainer is supposed to guide and steer their client to be a success on their own. Having a personal trainer is not a lifetime commitment, it is a huge stepping stone in increasing and encouraging a healthier YOU! A trainer should be able to set you up for long term success not short term happiness. A trainer should be able to train you, lead you, then let you fly on your own (EMPOWER) and in turn you should be able to  refer back to him or her for refreshers, or updates on techniques, not to start all over. Create an independent YOU not a CRUTCH for life.
Could you imagine if our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines had Instructors who catered to them, what a fighting force that would be!!

ADDED DISCLAIMER - Not all Trainers are used car salesmen and sell you a wish and a dream, some are passionate people who want a better YOU and want you to invest your $$$ into something beyond personal training.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What's NEXT?!?!?!?!

Competition went well; I won my division and finished behind another person who is far more experienced in bodybuilding. So needless to say I learned A LOT. Bodybuilding thus far has truly taught me about UPS, DOWNS, struggles and accomplishments that I am able to continue to apply to all facets of my life.

Well now that I have accomplished that goal of competing I am setting another goal. I want to continue to compete. I am setting myself up to continue doing so whether it is for another competition in October or compete again next year. However, since I know how it feels to compete I want to know how it feesls to have my Bacherlor's Degree. My goal is to complete my BS in Organizational Leadership NO LATER THAN March 2013. I have all my classes mapped out and scheduled in order to achieve this it is a matter of EFFORT + DESIRE = GOALS ACHIEVED.
So I began my return to the gym yesterday. I was anticipating it for quite some time. Between vacation and the competition I was away from the gym for 11 days and I thought about it almost everyday, but the physical and mental rest was much needed. Allowed me to regain myself, whatever that means to you it probably meant the same to me.

So, yesterday I started off with a Back workout and it was AAAWESOME. I busted through that and abs, felt great! I am still on that W4L training and the results are continual.

This blog is supposed to be about GETTING RIGHT! Well I felt like I indeed made this happen. Yeah I wanted to win my division and overall for the competition but more than anything I set and met a goal. A goal that I dreamed of for several years but NEVER APPLIED myself to achieve it; therefore, I was always GETTING LEFT behind.

I challenge you the reader to set yourself a goal that may be slightly challenging and complete it. Remember challenging for you could be as simple as setting a goal that you have struggled to achieve and finally achieving it. Goals are meant to be an achievable obstacle for the individual it should never be able to turn in to a complete road block or brick wall.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What you cooking????

2 days... I can smell it…………………
Your either cooking some delicious FRIED FATTY GOODNESS ( I just like saying that)  or it is my office mates fruits and candies that they have brought back from FRANCE. , If its not your cooking then it definitely is the smell of  the stage, the atmosphere, the anxiety floating in the air, the tanning sprays, the oils, the fears of those who are not as prepared.

Final prep phases tonight = I need to get a haircut, shave, tan, prepare the remainder of my meals and most importantly practicing my posing and finalize my routine. Sure I am nervous, but I am getting EXCITED. The excitement is taking me way pass the nerves and will continue to be that way up until it is GO time. I don't know if I will be nervous, but to tell you the truth, probably not I want this. AT this point I have done all that I can to set the bar high.

The contest is only 2 days away. I am looking forward to Friday because it is that much closer to Saturday. IT has been a week of counting down the days for that 1 big moment, that 1 big opportunity, I am Eager.  

Like Eminem said WILL YOU CAPTURE? Or Will you LET IT SLIP! OFC I am going to go out and CAPTURE! Its mine for the TAKING, make me KING!!!
2 days(Thursday) I Can Smell It…......….
1 day (Friday) I CAN TASTE IT…….......


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 DAYS COME ON................

There goes the neighborhood. I have been good up to this point, but BAM it hits me. I am ready to get it on. My buddy had to pull out of this contest because of his back and he is asking me if I am ready. YES I am ready! I was ready yesterday and now that you brought it up I am ready right NOW. I have talent and I want to showcase it. I want my hard work and dedication to be on display and judged by complete strangers. I want to be told I was excellent here and bad here.

      I want to walk across the stage with stage lights reflecting off of the bright shimmer of my muscular body into the eyes of everyone, like I am an angel breaking through the clouds. : )

Am I ready, who is he to ask me this? I have been dedicated to this for the last 14+ weeks. I have been sacrificing so much just for this 1 shining moment. Hell I do not know how I will finish, or how I will truly feel, but I do know this much once its all said and done no one can take away what I learned because I LIVED IT and if you LIVE IT, it becomes your EXPERIENCE and NO ONE can take that away. NO one can take away the lessons learned. Granted it has been a roller coaster (there it is again), but whose life isn’t we all ride on one it just may be called a different name.
Mine is the DP EXPRESS!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 DAYS.. Its not cloSE ENOUGH

Today is Tuesday 4 days before its SHOW TIME/ GO TIME!! I am not nervous, but I do feel something building in my gut.

I have 2 more workouts left in my week, Shoulders and Legs. Shoulders/ Cardio tonight Legs/ Cardio tomorrow morning. Then the water depletion begins. Low Carb and Maximum of 1 gallon of water started yesterday. I did not realize how much water I drink until I was restricted, OMG!!!
SO far I am feeling well, and I am a little slow motion in regards to my thought process and movement. Although I did have a great day back work yesterday, but posing right afterwards fatigued me, but I have/ had to dig deep.
I have been working on my routine as well, wow, it is fun but it is like sprinting 400m, for those who know what I mean.

My attitude has not been the best, but I have stepped back several times and realized the direction I was going and shut my mouth because I was not thinking clearly. I have a great support team in my wife. So far I am enjoying this journey; I am enjoying it because it is a CHALLENGE and I will not QUIT!


4 days(Tuesday) Not close enough………..
3 days(Wednesday) Come ON………........
2 days(Thursday) I Can Smell It…......….
1days(Friday) I CAN TASTE IT…….......



Friday, June 15, 2012


So 8 Days left. I am a little tired/ fatigued. I do not know if it is mentally or physically. I think it is more physical than mental; however, sometimes it boils over and becomes mental. For instances, yesterday was a LEG days for my workouts. Now I have enjoyed LEG days no matter how much pain it has put me through, but yesterday I had a lot of REASONS not to do it. Let me show you my thought process.
Hmmm, thinking to myself,
  • REASON # 1 “man I am tired and I have a lot to do today, I can do it tomorrow when I get back”… Procrastination will win here. = EXCUSE # 1
  • REASON #2 “I don’t want to be sore tomorrow, I have a long flight” … Long flights suck no matter what. = EXCUSE # 2
  • REASON #3 “physically I don’t feel like I can do it, I am tired,”… Your competitor agrees you are too tired, you might get injured. = EXCUSE # 3
  • REASON #4 I can just jumble my schedule around to fit it in this weekend.” … Weekend really, after being gone for 2 weeks, be reasonable. = EXCUSE # 4
As you notice all my REASONS are essentially EXCUSES for not getting in the gym and BUSTIN MY A$$ in order to be better than the next man come June 23rd. I am not sick, I am not broken, and nothing is holding me back from working out except pure LAZINESS. I sucked it up and took the Green Mile stroll to my torture chamber known as the gym on LEG DAYS. You know what……. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Sure my legs are fatigued today but that would have happened no matter what since I am traveling. I feel better mentally today knowing I did what I felt I was supposed to do.

Monday, June 11, 2012


DID you MISS ME?!?!

Oh my time has flown since I last Blogged. Sorry my mind was not on sharing my trials and tribulations with the world, but what else is the purpose, DUH.

So here I am. I am currently on assignment for my reserve unit, which means I am not at home. I will be gone from home for a total of 12 days and my contest is 12 days out. The only thing normal is my workouts. My DIET has changed, and let’s just say... I have GONE FISHING and GARDENING!!! I have learned some valuable lessons while I have been away.

1.     Getting away is nice but FAMILY SUPPORT is the BEST

2.      Even when things are not normal, find ways to make it seem normal

a.       For example I bought a Lil’ Foreman and make all my meals in my hotel

b.      I ensure I still get my workouts and cardio in


There it is again. I have applied a Lil bit of Effort to my Desire and I am that much closer to my GOALS ...WOW....

I was talking to my wife and we were trying to figure out once you reach your goal where do you go? OFC the simple answer is create a new goal, right, but what if the original goal was unexpected. The answer is actually simple we just fail to see it sometimes, because we as a society believe that our goals always need to be upward and forward, but why can’t they be lateral to our current GOALS ACHIEVED. Let’s say I lost 20lbs and that was my goal, where do I go from there? How about turning my new body in to a more toned me? In 12 days I will have competed in my first contest, I will have lost 30+ lbs, I will hopefully have made my family, and friends who supported me proud of what I did, but where do I go from there? I have some ideas, but that will be saved for another BLOG. Oh I don’t want more than just competing in this bodybuilding contest, but you will have to stay tuned to see if I have reached that goal.